The Climate Farm Demo (CFD) and ClimateSmartAdvisors (CSA) projects orchestrated a seamless fusion within the shared booth, joining hands with 28 other projects. Together, the projects engaged with visitors and illuminated the collaborative spirit essential for addressing the urgent challenges presented by climate change.

This particular collaboration emphasized the diverse range of actors within the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS). It underscored the crucial importance of collective efforts in advancing sustainable agricultural practices, echoing the shared sentiment that together we can drive change.

A session titled ”Theory and Practice of Climate-Smart Farming” was skillfully moderated by Adrien Guichaoua, who serves as the Director of European and Regional Affairs at ACTA. The session played host to an array of notable speakers and project representatives from CFD, CSA, CARBONICA, and BEATLES projects:

  • Manos Sdrakas (GAIA’s Board of Directors) graced the stage as a distinguished speaker.
  • Luis Mira (CFD), Maksim Karanovic (CSA), Giorgios Papapostolou (CARBONICA), and Marilena Gemtou (BEATLES) represented their respective projects with passion and conviction.

During the session, CFD and CSA masterfully encapsulated the project’s mission and vision in concise 3-minute pitches. This succinct format allowed the audience to gain a quick and comprehensive understanding of the project’s goals and objectives.

After the short introduction, the audience was encouraged to voice their concerns and questions related to the gap between the theory and practice of Climate-Smart Farming. This sparked a dynamic and insightful round-table discussion where questions that resonated most with the audience were brought to the forefront.

Collaboration between Climate Farm Demo and ClimateSmartAdvisors wasn’t just confined to a shared booth; it also extended to a jointly conducted workshop. This harmonious synergy reinforced the unwavering commitment to propelling sustainable agricultural practices forward and confronting the challenges posed by climate change with unwavering determination.

Synergy Days 2023 offered more than just an opportunity for knowledge exchange; it was a compelling testament to the dedication and collective spirit that fuel these initiatives. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, it is these collaborative endeavors that serve as the cradle for innovative solutions.